Meet the Orchestra

Jennifer Lang


Jennifer Lang earned a Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance and a Bachelor of Arts in French at Oberlin Conservatory/College. From 2008-2012, Jennifer lived in Paris, France, where she taught English and violin while attending music conservatory and professional translation school. She helped found Sinfonietta Paris Chamber Orchestra (SPCO), a French non-profit arts organization showcasing young professional musicians. Most recently, Jennifer worked with local dance historian Jane Peck to create a recital program integrating baroque instruments and dance. The program was performed at the Baroque Room in February 2017. In May of 2016, Jennifer collaborated with local composer Janika Vandervelde to create an acoustical composition, KAYAK, that incorporates themes of nature and sound with violin. Jennifer performs regularly with the Minnesota Sinfonia and the Lyra Baroque Ensemble and as a soloist on her own recital programs. She serves on the Suzuki faculty at the St. Paul Conservatory of Music as well as coordinates the conservatory’s public school outreach program.